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Weeky Review

Stance and movement are the foundation of all wrestling style.  Take a moment to review this quick video about the basic mechanics of the wrestling stance. It is harder than it looks especially if you practice walking around the house this way. Without a natural and comfortable stance a wrestler will always suffer.

The second technique that the coaches would urge you to practice at home is an inside leg stand up and escape. This must be perfected and while relatively easy the devil will be in the details, especially under pressure. Please practice this all the time. Coach Imran suggests doing these over and over during commercials on the TV.

*Optional* If you really want to take a deeper look at stance and movement, and have the time, please feel free to go through this youth Master Clinic on Stance and Motion.


Dress code during practice:

Wrestlers wear T-shirts, shorts or sweat pants, wrestling shoes, and wrestling headgear. The headgear is required. No outside street shoes are allowed on the mat. If a wrestler does not have wrestling shoes, socks can be worn during practice. Many of our young wrestlers wear socks in the beginning and purchase shoes after practice begins.

Dress code during a match:

Singlets, sweatshirts, and shorts will be provided as your uniform. Wrestling shoes and headgear are purchased by the parents. Headgear is required. Mouth guards are required for wrestlers wearing braces. No jewelry or hair clips are allowed. Long hair must be secure with rubber bands or a tight fitting cap.


We have experienced coaches including Ewing Alumni, State Placer, Mercer County Champs, and District Champs (See the “Coaches” page for more information on our highly skilled coaches.)

Matches and Tournaments:

There will typically be one match per weekend once the matches start until a final tournament at the end. See the schedule posted on the home page. The coaches also often put together a banquet after the season if scheduling allows.

You can be any weight, size or skill:

Wrestlers are grouped by age, weight and skill. It doesn’t matter if you are small, short, tall, or big.  Every size has a wrestling style that can help you be successful.

Call Coach Tye at (609) 273-2739 or email tye@princeton.edu
Call Coach Mohamed Omara at (609) 558-7250 or email Omaram10@yahoo.com


Tips for Wrestlers from Coach Mohamed Omara

Open QuoteAnybody can wrestle. Wrestling helps develop important abilities such as self-esteem, sportsmanship, work ethic and leadership skills. As the world’s oldest sport, wrestling teaches control, not violence, and helps participants develop agility, balance, reflexes and strength in every major muscle group of your body. Wrestling can also help you to excel in other sports.close Quote--Coach Mo 

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