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There are many different types of wrestling in the world, the most common in the United States are: Folk style, Free style and Greco-Roman. Folk style (also called scholastic) wrestling is the style that is practiced in the Ewing Recreation Wrestling program. It is the style in which all teams in the Delaware River Wrestling League compete. Wrestling is the sixth most popular sport in our nation’s schools.

Wrestling as a sport is considered the world’s oldest sport. It was started by the Greeks and is still recognized as an Olympic sport today. Free style and Greco Roman are the Olympic styles.

In all three types of wrestling, for some of the time, both wrestlers are on their feet trying to take their opponents down to the mat in order to gain control. In Folk style, the wrestler on top is always working toward a pin, while the wrestler on the bottom is always working to escape or to reverse. Points are accumulated with certain moves and the winner is the one that "pins" the other, scores 14 points more than the other or who has the most points when the time is up.  Our matches in the Delaware River Wrestling League consist of three 1-minute periods.

Open QuoteThe kids need just as much support at home as they do when they are at practice.  If your child is feeling discouraged, he or she may be more likely to confide in a parent than in a coach. It is important for parents to continue to support the kids through the rough times, as well as let us know what is happening. If we are aware that a child feels he or she is struggling with some aspect of wrestling, we will do whatever is possible to fix the situation.close Quote--Coach Mo 

Perspective of a First Time Mom
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Preston and Steve Show Talk about Youth Wrestling (MP3, 15 min., 6.9MB)
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